Between Homecoming & Christmas 2013

It was three quick months between Saige’s homecoming and Christmas 2013.  As many know, infants do not do much- but every little movement is adorable.  One of the most prominent things she would do was open her eyes super wide for no apparent reason.

Below are photos of October-December 2013.

Starting in October, Saige and Mommy came to my work to visit.  I wanted to show her off to everyone!!  I remember, after they left, my heart felt so full and I found it hard to concentrate on work.  I just wanted to be with her again.

Also in October, our mom and stepdad(papa to Saige) had their wedding reception.  They brought in a wonderful photographer to take our photo.  Every photo we took, Saige was asleep in her large snowsuit/sleeping bag 😉

On Thanksgiving, Adam wanted to hold Saige the whole time.  With this being Saige’s 1st family holiday, that was not going to happen– Everyone wanted to hold her! 😀

Then, we hit Christmas.   Another beautiful holiday filled with Saige love.

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Coloring- with markers, pens, and makeup

Saige sure loved to color.  As soon as she could crawl, she was finding any marker in sight.  Unfortunately, it was usually a permanent marker.  At first she just put the drawing utensil in her mouth.  She found this intriguing for a while, until she realized that when drawing on things other than her self, she was able to sit back and admire.

Whenever Saige was silent, we knew when we found her, it wasn’t going to be pretty.  It always made me happy to see her work, no matter if it was on her face, the couch, walls, or floor.  Sometimes, I would be her partner in crime.  Of course not with something that wasn’t removable 😉


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Baby, you were such an artist.  Excited to see the masterpieces you have created in heaven.


She loved wearing/trying on glasses.  I was fortunate enough to watch Saige at an eye clinic while our mom was examined.  We had SUCH a good time trying on glasses and fooling around in the main lobby.

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Having fun at the eye clinic Fall/Winter 16—

Always the most contagious laugh!!!

Miss you baby ❤

First Time Home, Lots of Love

The next couple of months are kind of a bright blur.  They were happy and filled with visitors.  I remember wanting her to grow quickly so we could hang out and chat.  It was intriguing not knowing what she was thinking, always a curious little girl.  Below are photos of her first few weeks home.

Dancing and Singing- Filled with Videos!

At the young age of 2, Saige loved to sing and dance.  This story has multiple videos of Saige dancing and Singing!!

Her Papa and Mama always had music playing.  Saige learned some dances with Papa at a Pow Wow in Milwaukee.  The below video shows her doing the dance.  Papa is videotaping.

The next video our Mama took when Saige jumped out of the bathtub for the first time and started dancing with Mama and Papa.  Surprised Mom, as she did not know Saige could climb out of the bathtub!

In the below videos Saige is dancing with Shauna, Adam and Andrea!! These were taken in October 2015-

After Christmas, Mama and I took Saige to the mall for the first time!  It was close to closing time, so there were not many people there.  Saige was able to check everything out and not worry about running into people.  In this video, she passes the store Pink, hears music and starts dancing.


In addition to dancing, Saige really tried hard to sing 🙂  In this video, she is singing “I’m Worth It”.  Little did she know, she totally was!!!

OR, Sometimes Saige would tell mom to “stop it”(stop singing).  She learned this from hearing mom tell Buckler (their dog) to “stop it” all day long.

These videos are a great way to hear and see how awesome she was!


Her 1st Visitors

Saige was finally here!!  Not even a day old, and she was becoming the most popular girl in town.  Visitors the hospital were:  Melissa, Cindy, Jody, Shauna, Kristy, Grandma S, Grandma Amber, and Steve.  Below are a couple videos I took of her Aunt Kristy visiting.



If you have a video or photo you would like to share from this day, send it to me and I will post here!


She really did not know or have a passion for football.  She sure did look cute in Packer gear though!!!  The first image, I took of her when she was a week old.  The next photo is when she was about 3 months old.  The remaining photos were taken at age 2.  I screenshot a bunch of snapchats my sister Shauna sent me while I was at work:)