Dancing and Singing- Filled with Videos!

At the young age of 2, Saige loved to sing and dance.  This story has multiple videos of Saige dancing and Singing!!

Her Papa and Mama always had music playing.  Saige learned some dances with Papa at a Pow Wow in Milwaukee.  The below video shows her doing the dance.  Papa is videotaping.

The next video our Mama took when Saige jumped out of the bathtub for the first time and started dancing with Mama and Papa.  Surprised Mom, as she did not know Saige could climb out of the bathtub!

In the below videos Saige is dancing with Shauna, Adam and Andrea!! These were taken in October 2015-

After Christmas, Mama and I took Saige to the mall for the first time!  It was close to closing time, so there were not many people there.  Saige was able to check everything out and not worry about running into people.  In this video, she passes the store Pink, hears music and starts dancing.


In addition to dancing, Saige really tried hard to sing 🙂  In this video, she is singing “I’m Worth It”.  Little did she know, she totally was!!!

OR, Sometimes Saige would tell mom to “stop it”(stop singing).  She learned this from hearing mom tell Buckler (their dog) to “stop it” all day long.

These videos are a great way to hear and see how awesome she was!



One thought on “Dancing and Singing- Filled with Videos!

  1. Tammy. Aka. Momma

    That was so great Sam!! I love you!! So glad you had your camera on task at all times. Sometimes technology can be a blessing!! Laughed hard, cried harder!! Xoxo


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