Coloring- with markers, pens, and makeup

Saige sure loved to color.  As soon as she could crawl, she was finding any marker in sight.  Unfortunately, it was usually a permanent marker.  At first she just put the drawing utensil in her mouth.  She found this intriguing for a while, until she realized that when drawing on things other than her self, she was able to sit back and admire.

Whenever Saige was silent, we knew when we found her, it wasn’t going to be pretty.  It always made me happy to see her work, no matter if it was on her face, the couch, walls, or floor.  Sometimes, I would be her partner in crime.  Of course not with something that wasn’t removable 😉


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Baby, you were such an artist.  Excited to see the masterpieces you have created in heaven.


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