Between Homecoming & Christmas 2013

It was three quick months between Saige’s homecoming and Christmas 2013.  As many know, infants do not do much- but every little movement is adorable.  One of the most prominent things she would do was open her eyes super wide for no apparent reason.

Below are photos of October-December 2013.

Starting in October, Saige and Mommy came to my work to visit.  I wanted to show her off to everyone!!  I remember, after they left, my heart felt so full and I found it hard to concentrate on work.  I just wanted to be with her again.

Also in October, our mom and stepdad(papa to Saige) had their wedding reception.  They brought in a wonderful photographer to take our photo.  Every photo we took, Saige was asleep in her large snowsuit/sleeping bag 😉

On Thanksgiving, Adam wanted to hold Saige the whole time.  With this being Saige’s 1st family holiday, that was not going to happen– Everyone wanted to hold her! 😀

Then, we hit Christmas.   Another beautiful holiday filled with Saige love.

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