Like a lot of children, Saige loved animals.  She had a dog named Buckler.  Me and my sister have animals that she knew by name too!  I have 2 rabbits Kandy and Korn.  She would call both “Kon”.  They were terrified of her.  Shauna’s dog Oakley loved Saige.  She would call him “Okey”.

With Buckler, she would learn many things from our mother.  Whenever Buckler would bark, Saige would sometimes say, “Shut up” or “NO”… and them babble on.  Saige was really good at imitating what she learned.  Of course most of the imitating was done on her own terms.

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September 29th, 2013

It was a fall evening.  I get a call from mom, she is going into labor.  MY BABY SISTER IS ON HER WAY!!!

My sister, aunt Jody, stepdad Dave and I were able to watch the magic happen.  It was the first time for Shauna, Jody and I; we didn’t know what to expect.  Below is an image of Tammy (mom) before she had Saige.


My mom was just the most beautiful pregnant woman. More fun “Pre-Saige” photos can be found here.

Sparing you the details, WOW, giving birth is absolutely… scary!   But, oh my, Saige was breathtaking.  We cried after it was all done.  Not because it was scary, because she and my mother were healthy and all went perfectly!  Below are images of Saige’s 1st day on earth.

We all needed rest.  So, her first day’s story ends here 🙂


What a surprise, Shauna and I were in our first year of college and found out that our mother was expecting.   This did not stop our mom from enjoying Rock USA that year or doing a water shot in the shotski.  Below is the first ultrasound photo I saw!  Made me tear up even back then.

First Ultrasound Shared with the Family



I remember when mother started to show her bump, I couldn’t stop holding and gently hugging her.  The below image of mothers bump wearing a stripped sweater is the first time I ever noticed her change in size!!


Strong relationships were strengthened through this little angel!